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About us

Lutz Tire & AutoLock is a San Diego based, owned and operated provider of tire, car locksmith and vehicle maintenance services to the people of the beautiful city of San Diego, nicknamed America’s Finest City. We see ourselves not just as a local business, but also a local community service to our city.

San Diego – Semper Vigilans

The motto of our city is Semper Vigilans, Latin for “Always Vigilant.” We strive to always operate our business with a circumspect vision and attentiveness to the needs and requirements of our clients in San Diego. Why? Because we want the best for our city and its residents in the same way as you do. You deserve the best and we see it as our duty, both as citizens of San Diego and as holding the privileged position of being able to service you, to deliver the best each and every time you entrust us to undertake any of our services.

What we do

We specialist in tires, car locksmith services and vehicle repair. We offer all of our services on an emergency or regular basis and are renowned in San Diego for our extremely fast response times to emergency call-outs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We are fully bonded, insured and certified and offer excellent service for an honest and reasonable price. Thousands of San Diegans know why we are number one in the city for car locksmith services, vehicle repair and tires. Give us a try to see why!

We offer a broad array of auto repair services, vehicle maintenance and 24- hour emergency locksmith services, covering the following: