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Lutz Tire & AutoLock Testimonials

“I was running late to a friend’s birthday dinner when my tire blew out. I knew I had a spare in my trunk but had no clue what to do. I called Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego and in no time, a helpful and speedy technician was at my car and assisted me with changing the tire. I was barely late to my friend’s birthday party. Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego saved the day!”

“I knew my car had been having problems for a while, and when it gave out in the middle of my office parking lot, I knew I needed help. I called Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego and in around 30 minutes, a great tow truck driver was at my office and helped tow my car to my auto mechanic. Thank you Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego  for helping me during my car crisis”

“My car door automatically locks, and thus when I had left the keys on the back seat and by accident closed the door, I wasn’t too happy. Lutz Tire & AutoLock helped me get back in to my car and without damaging the vehicle. I’d use them anytime I’m in need of a great towing and car lockout company”

“A few months ago I was driving to visit my friend at college. I didn’t want to embark on the journey without making sure the breaks and oil and everything was working properly. I saw Lutz Tire & AutoLock does auto repair work and I gave them a call. They helped me change the oil and inspect the breaks. Thanks to them, I felt safe driving the long distance, even though my car is old. Thanks 24 Hour Tow”