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Welcome to The Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego Blog

Firstly, welcome to our very first blog post. As we get used to social networks, blogging, twitter, facebook, and even YouTube, we thought we should add more than just “noise” to the internet. Our blog will be giving useful and related information regarding auto maintenance, car locksmith solutions, and our updated services. We put our customers first and foremost and believe in providing useful information for your safety.

What Makes Lutz Tire & AutoLock San Diego Unique?

For this first blog post, we thought we would put into bullet points what makes us so unique. In knowing this information, it will also give our readers a standard by which to compare and evaluate other companies.

  • We offer combined services of tires, auto repair, and car locksmith solutions
  • We are available 24/7, every day of the year
  • Our car locksmith services are first class; we are fully certified and licensed locksmiths

Tips on How to Hire the Best Car Locksmith

These days, the Internet has become the main source of finding information, including details on car lockouts, car locksmith companies, and prices. When looking for a car locksmith in your area, make sure the company has a local number. That’s the first sign that the company is indeed in your area and can get to you quickly. Other tell-tale signs include having certified technicians. A San Diego locksmith company should be certified by the BSIS and it’s best if they also have a good rating in BBB (Better Business Bureau). When the auto locksmith arrives, check to see if he/she has arrived in a branded van and no work should be done until you give the go-ahead. Remember, a locksmith should be looking out for your safety and customer satisfaction first and foremost. If you received a price estimate over the phone, be sure to ask about this price again once the technician arrives.

We hope you enjoyed our first blog post and found the info helpful. Stay tuned!